Vision and Mission SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages is a non-profit organization that actively supports children's rights and commits to give children who have lost or are at the risk of losing parental care of their primary needs: family and a loving home.


Each child is part of a family
Family is the heart of society. In the family each child is protected and welcome and become part of the family. In the family children learn about values, share responsibilities and form a long-term relationship. Family environment gives children a solid foundation in preparing their lives in the future.
Every child grows with love
Through love and acceptance, emotional wounds of the children healed and their self-confidence formed. Children learn to trust themselves and others. With this confidence every child is able to understand and nourish their potentials.
Every child grows with respect
Any opinion of the children should be heard and taken seriously. Children are participating in making decisions that affect their lives and guided to actively play the role in the process of their self-development. Children grow with respect and dignity as part of the family and the society.
Every child grows with a sense of security
Children are protected from violence, neglection and all forms of exploitation and received a good treatment and security when natural disaster and war occur. Children are entitled to have a place to stay, to have enough food, health services and education. Those are the most fundamental requirement of children development.


We build families for children who lose care
We are here to provide an alternative family for children who have lost parenting care either due to passed-away parents, poverty, or other factors. Family approach being applied at SOS Children's Villages is based on four principles: that every child needs a mother figure, lives with brothers and sisters, in a family home, and in supportive communities.
We help them build a future
We provide every child with the opportunity to grow and develop based on their culture and religion as well as play an active role in society. We help children to understand and nourish their skills, interests, and talents. We ensure every child receive education and skills training required in order to achieve success and to be able to contribute to society.
We support community empowerment.
We share with the community and respond to the needs of social development for the most vulnerable population (in which children and adolescents who are at risk of losing the care live in). We establish facilities and programs that aim to family strengthening and prevent the separation of children with families. We collaborate with communities to provide education and health services and support various emergency response acts.
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