Family-based care

Conditions of poverty , violence , neglect and so lead to vulnerable children experiencing separation and loss of family care . SOS Children 's Villages with the concept of family -based caregiving sure that every child in the world should be brought up at home in a family environment that was loving and overflowing affection , feeling safe and appreciated . Family SOS ( SOS Families ) aims to create a family environment that is able to provide a substitute for proper care and safe so the kids can get back the warmth of a happy family .
Under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on Child Protection , SOS Villages Childre 's trying to create the best environment for children through four concepts namely :

1 . Mother
SOS mother build an intimate relationship with every child entrusted to him , giving a sense of security , affection and balance needed every child . As a professional caregiver , Mrs. SOS lived together with the children , guiding their development , and runs her household independently . SOS mothers also know and respect the family background , cultural roots and religion of each child care.

2 . Brothers and sisters
Boys and girls of different ages live together as brother and sister in the family home SOS ( SOS Families ) . They grew up together naturally build an emotional bond as brother and sister are going in the long term .

3 . Home ( SOS Families )
SOS family house was the first neighborhood , where the kids get a sense of security and comfort in the parenting process . Each home contains 8-10 Parenting children with a mother who live together . Siblings were maintained together in a single family home on the basis of the principle of the best for the child . Children who live in the SOS family houses grouped by common religion , to obtain religious education co-religionists with the nanny anyway .

4 . Desa ( SOS family is a part of the community )
SOS families live together to form a village environment that supports the development of children enjoy the excitement of their childhood . They also live as a member of the berintergrasi and contributing to the local community . Through the family , village and community , every child learns to take part actively in the community . In addition , a strong cultural roots from surrounding communities will be integrated and maintained within the SOS Children 's Village , so the kids did grow up in the environment and the same cultural roots .

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