About Corporate Partnership

About Corporate Partnership

Through family empowerment and care programs, medical, and education supports, SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia is striving to impact the lives of thousands of children and families across Indonesia. However, we believe that building a better future for our future generation is not a solo-project.

It needs synergy with a range of partners including governments, local communities, individual donors, and businesses to create long term and greater supports. Corporate partnership plays crucial role in helping us reach more beneficiaries as well as deliver lasting results for the better future of our children.





Other Partner 


DHL - Back to Nature
Taking place in Conservation Park Hunting, Mountain Masigit Kaerumbi - West Java , in October 2015.
DHL Indonesia through its staffs of voluntary program " GoTeach " were encouraging the participants to make assessments or judgments about how they saw themselves and how much leadership they had to be able to lead themselves and analyze their capability in delivering aspirations.

HSBC - Grow with Smile
The Grow with Smile program was held from 31 October to 1 November 2015 in Village Lembang. The event took place in the Hall of Lembang Villages and received positive response from the community members of FSP Lembang.

BEST PONGS - Supporting Children's Education Indonesia
BestPongs- SOS Children's Villages Indonesia partnership has initiated since 2014. Through the spirit of "Supporting Children's Education Indonesia", the two parties have undertaken a number of programs resulting to the establishment of “Mobile Library” and “Mobile Playground” located in FSP sites of SOS Childrens ' Villages all around Indonesia . Those facilities serve as the centre for improving children’s soft-skills through playing and reading activities.

Other Activity 


If you any question about corporate partnership, please contact:

Corporate Fundraising - SOS Children’s Village Indonesia
Fund and Communications Development Office
Jl Kalibata Tengah No 2, Pancoran Jakarta Selatan 12740 - Indonesia 
Telp: +62 21 79186824  | Hotline: 0807 1 505 505

E-mail: partnership@sos.or.id

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